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In the past Miss Darby has said her childhood was thrown into chaos when her father was extradited to the US and jailed in 2006.Giles Darby, who at the time was living in Lower Wraxall, near Bradford on Avon was one of the Nat West Three who were jailed for 37 months for a £3.5million fraud against the bank.Eight couples on the verge of breaking up forever, were put on a paradise island ready to test their relationships to the extreme by making sure they really are dating 'the one'.

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Discovering the buried remains of what could be the ancestors of those who lived around Stonehenge would be the cherry on the cake of an amazing project.” The Cat’s Brain long barrow, found in the middle of a farmer’s field halfway between the iconic prehistoric monuments of Avebury and Stonehenge, consists of two ditches flanking what appears to be a central building.

This may have been covered with a mound made of the earth dug from the ditches, but has been ploughed flat over many centuries.

Having cleared the top soil, the clear outline of the long barrow ditches is visible, as well as the footprint of the building.

The team will now conclude the three-year Archaeology Field School project by excavating the archaeological remains and recover artefacts, bones, and other environmental evidence, which will be analysed.

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