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Remember, once you share you lose that control and are consenting to making your information and content public.Seemingly innocent, Habbo Hotel, with its bright colours, pink teddy bears, flashing lights, and roaming ponies, is one of a growing number of virtual worlds created for kids.They generally get your attention by using flattery and building a ‘trusting’ relationship with you.At times you maybe unaware of the type of information you are giving them, but you do it because you feel comfortable talking to them.

You should never respond to these threats or share more photos.

Sexual extortion or ‘sextortion’ as it is commonly referred to, is when someone blackmails you online, for example via the Internet or mobile messenger applications, by getting you to send an ‘indecent’ image or video of yourself and threatening to share this with other people if you don’t send them further images or videos.

For example, the offender may try to gain your trust to make you feel comfortable to share private photos with them.

And with 10 million unique visitors a month, it is “the world’s largest social game and online community for teenagers”.

The game is set in a virtual hotel, where kids create avatars with which they can move around rooms, chat to other users in public or privately and even buy credits in the real world to furnish their virtual hotel room.

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