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To avoid this, here is the solution: To Enable display alerts: Sub sb Status Bar() 'Pring some text on statusbar Application.Status Bar = "Start Printing the Numbers" 'Print numbers For icntr = 1 To 5000 Cells(icntr, 1) = icntr 'Printing the Progress Application.Valli is sharing useful VBA examples ad Tips to helps us automating daily tasks.The screen is flickering when i open the multiple project forms. In VB macro for excel, i was using Application Screen Updating = False. Backup and recover physical and cloud-based servers and workstations, as well as endpoint devices that belong to remote users.

I noticed that if I insert a Msgbox statement right after setting a control, the updated Userform is shown on the screen, but that affects ONLY that one update. -- ; Programming and support for Word macros, including converting from Word Basic to VBA; Technical reviewing; Standards; Product functional/design/specifications ------------------------------------------------ Hi Howard, If I understand your question, there are 3 things to to try: - Use the User Form. It looks like I'll have to put it after EVERY statement (or group of statements) setting control(s).Repaint method each time you update the Caption of the Label control - this may cause flickering of the User Form - To get around the flickering problem, you can place the Label Controls in a Frame/s and just use the Frame. Avoid downtime and data loss quickly and easily for Windows-based physical or public cloud-based workloads! Cause when i replicate the same thing in another project, everything looks good. Wonder if the Transparence on labels can cause the problem. HI Éric I was wondering if it was normal that once the form2 opened, now other functionalities are not working anymore?

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