Varanoir kingdom of chaos the universe

The story involves three high school students who skip school to search for a cave that is said to lead to another world, where there is supposedly a god that will grant wishes.

They end up falling into a parallel universe named Endia, the End of All Worlds.

As for this walkthrough, it was written 1) to help you understand the basics of the game as well as I can understand them since the game's manual and tutorial are crap, 2) to help you get as many recruits as possible in one playthrough, 3) to lay out how to recruit all 50 knights, and 4) to give you background info on characters from games most of us have never heard of.

Long story short: I have a love/hate relationship with this game, and I may have blown a gasket somewhere during the writing process due to its aggravatingly frustrating nature. : D =============================================================================== Cast =============================================================================== This section is not meant to tell you what allies are the best or who is a shoe-in to win a fight.

Offered as an exclusive release through Game Stop, it was pushed back multiple times with a release date surrounded by confusion, so if you were able to be patient enough to get a copy, kudos.

Instead, this list is going to provide some tidbits on allies, enemies, and NPCs and the series in which they appear.

For best results, copy and paste the letters and numbers (complete with brackets) into the browser's Find feature under Edit.

=============================================================================== Introduction [int] =============================================================================== Chaos Wars is a strategy RPG that has been out for a couple of years in Japan but has recently made its way overseas thanks to O~3 Entertainment.

She's also a spaz; she always carries a harisen (paper sword) around with her and won't hesitate to whack people with it.

She could probably do this with surprising force since she has practiced kendo.

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