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I tested the issue out on a couple of new speedsheets (both saved on the same shared drive) and it's still happening.Not sure if its just my computer yet, currently testing the issue with different computers."Paste Links for Data, Charts, and Formulas in Excel, Word, Power Point." Thought Co. Linking two excel sheets so that one can read a value from the other is much easier than it sounds and it’s a function that a lot of people need. On the Home ribbon click the arrow at the bottom of the Paste button and you will see a drop-down arrow.No one has just one Excel file and while it is easy to add data from file to the other, keeping up with the changes so that they are reflected across all files is both time consuming and prone to error. For the sake of this tutorial, we will assume you have two files called A and B. You want to reference cell A4 in file B so that cell C2 reflects its value. Click it and select the ‘Paste Link’ option under the ‘Other Paste Options’ section.The following little tutorial helps you link a cell from one Excel file to a cell in a different Excel file such that it updates itself. Each time you change the value in the source file, i.e.

You could copy it—but then, when you change the data in one sheet, you'll have to change it in the other sheet, too.Are expenses over or under budget, and by how much? All Excel formulas have the same general structure: an equal sign (=) followed by one or more NOTE Excel does not object if you use spaces between operators and operands in formulas.This is actually a good practice to get into since separating elements of a formula in this way can make them easier to read.Press the key sequence again to toggle back to normal viewing.In addition to simply copying and pasting data from one Excel file to another or to a Microsoft Word file, you can also create a link between two files or workbooks that will update the copied data in the second file if the original data changes.

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