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I have purposely published all past versions (below) to establish prior art so that no patents can be filed. All versions of zpaq can read archives produced by older versions back to version 1.00 (March 2009). zp v1.00 simple ZPAQ compatible archiver with 3 optimized compression levels, Apr. Added a license file to zpaq 1.10, zpipe 1.00, zpaqsfx 1.06, and zp 1.00 distributions on May 23, 2010. You may need to unzip from the Windows command line. The ZPAQ archive format is described by a specification and reference decoder. Updates libzpaq interface to use inheritance instead of templates, requiring changes to zp and zpipe. A test case exercising all of the specification features should decompress to the Calgary corpus. The source code includes the libzpaq API providing compression and decompression services for applications in C . Package includes libzpaq, ZPAQ specification, reference decoder, zp, zpipe, and fast, mid, max config files. To some extent, older versions can read archives produced by newer versions (forward compatibility) provided they don't use any unsupported features. These are as follows: Many intermediate versions include compression improvements. To make incremental backups with a local copy: To back up without keeping a local copy of the archive, you keep a small local index (arc000.zpaq) as a copy of the remote archive minus the compressed file contents.

zpaq is written by Matt Mahoney and released to the public domain. A zpaq archive can contain at most 4 billion files and at most 250 terabytes of data after deduplication and before compression. Do not use it to back up the operating system or any software that requires a password to install. Archives can be encrypted using AES-256 in CTR mode. A password must be given every time an encrypted archive is used. zpaq104 can list and extract from self extracting archives without running them. On x86-32 and x86-64 processors, the ZPAQL code is translated to machine code and executed, so it is as fast as compression algorithms written in compiled languages like C or C . On other hardware, the ZPAQL code is interpreted, which takes about twice as long.

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then only those files whose last-modified date or size has changed since the previous backup are added. When you add files or directories to the archive, both the old and new versions are saved.

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