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Reality: You exchange two messages about what neighborhoods you live in. Expectation: He tells you to meet him at an upscale bar closer to your house than his.

Reality: He asks you what the plan is for tonight and tells you he is hungover from the night before.4. Reality: He says he's 6-foot and he's 6 inches and could dance on the palm of your hand.5.

Dutch kids receive sex education earlier and choose to have sex later than other European teens.

In fact, the average age for their first sexual intercourse is 17, a year older than in Britain.

Rutgers is the organization behind much of the Netherlands sex education curriculum.

Reality: You order the strongest cocktail available to you and make awkward conversation with him until they arrive — and you both suck them down immediately.7. Expectation: You have that tipsy moment somewhere in the middle of the date where you look at each other and smile, and know you're gonna make out on the street once you leave.What’s more, teen sexual encounters in the Netherlands are generally viewed as positive/wanted and enjoyable, whereas in the United States, nearly 2/3 of sexually-active teens surveyed said they wished they had waited longer to have sex.Research also shows that the majority of young people in the Netherlands use some form of protection when having sex and have relatively low rates of HIV infection and sexually-transmitted diseases. Dutch parents tend to openly discuss sex and their adolescents’ romantic or sexual relationships.By the teenage years, formal sex education focuses on having positive relationships, negotiating with partners, and using contraception.This differs vastly from other countries, where the pervasive attitude is more conservative and significant taboos around discussing sex exist.

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