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While the internet stirred in jealously, the mother in question undoubtedly felt incredibly grateful for her one of a kind hospitable experience.

If you haven't yet spotted her in the image above - here are a few clues as to her whereabouts.

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Her first meal consisted of an Omuraisu omelette over friend rice, macaroni salad, chicken soup, squid rings, fruit, green tea.

Another meal included an tantalizing plate of chicken fingers with shredded cabbage salad, melon stir fry, tofu, carrot salad, rice, all washed down with miso soup. Her delicious photos left some mothers, however, seething with the poor care they received in their countries comparatively, and that Japan's example is a note very well worth taking.'I work in an US hospital and the food we serve our patients is the kind of stuff that most likely landed them there in the first place.' 'Last time I was in the hospital (Canada) I got jello, soup, Wonderbread with one slice of baloney, and fake milk.

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The mother had no trouble recovering while in the lavish comfort of her Japanese care and they made sure to nourish her soul and stomach with trays of food, never with less than five side plates of vegetables, fruits, tofu, rice and soup.

But her bento boxes and noodle dishes have left fans for the Japanese in an uproar, saying they're willing to cross oceans for a chance to snag a bite. And I am a 60 year old man....' one cheeky user wrote.'Someone knock me up with a return ticket to Osaka,' one woman added.'Time to get pregnant and wander around Japan I guess,' another lady shared. I mean free healthcare tho,' a harrowed Canadian shared.'You see in America, you ask for some waffles, but they accidentally just send you some cream of wheat and a side of nothing,' a dismayed American wrote. I recall shitty french toast and my family brought me my favorite foods and snacks,' a bitter mother shared on her poor experience.

'The food looks wonderful--but the PLATE WEAR OMG it's porcelain! Two people even shared the dismal meals they were served in their hospitals in Canada and Serbia.

But one woman received another rather incredible surprise after welcoming her child in a Japanese hospital, in the form of dozens of incredible dishes that have left the internet green with envy.

The mom took to Imgur to share 12 images of fancy trays of food from her Japanese hospital that consistently featured a main meat or noodle entree surrounded by several options of healthy vegetable sides, rice, sauce, and tea.

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You get crappy plastic Tupperware in the US at best,' another user added. One woman shared a photo of a Styrofoam box filled with a simple white bread sandwich filled with two pieces of deli meat.

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