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It has been noted that host is biased when it comes to both Varun and Gurmeet on MTV Splitsvilla season 9!

Anusha Dandekar is an extremely famous actress, VJ, singer, and model.

Earlier it was also reported that the show was scripted and the winners name were also leaked!

Apparently the winners have been fixed and the rest of the show proceeds as per the script!

So far MTV Splitsvilla season 9 witnessed a whole lot of drama, betrayal, friendship gone wrong on the show. Varun also said that their relationship was not for the show and if it was just for the sake of the show, he would not have git hurt post the breakup.

But what surprised every one is the fact that on of the most loved couple of Splitsvilla season 9 have broken up pot the show. But it was rather shocking to know that Martina went ahead with Suraj Chhajed, who was also her former flame, but when asked on the show about Suraj, she denied everything by saying that he is her close friend.

Post your break with Kritika, she was linked with several actress.

Anusha Karan and are often seen partying together, but began dating rumors making the rounds only after a fan page on Twitter the actor published pictures of the couple kissing.

“I just want to say that I think Karan Kundra is the hottest sexiest man alive” Anusha tweeted a few days ago, which Karan said, “comes from Aphrodite VJAnusha !! Anusha need cpr;) ” Tha actor “Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum” also provided Anusha a puppy, which they called ‘Monster’.

So does this mean their connection was just for the sake of the show? The first tweet by Varun read: Its funny how some people just change in a couple of months. @martina_thariyan @serious_ha_ha @rahulkaran8 #togetherness #lovethem #mymains #family #importantpeople #lifelines #instaupload #picoftheday A photo posted by Suraj (@suraj_chhajed) on This was followed by a screenshot of a conversation between Martina and Varun, where she asked the latter about why he chose to defame her online, to which Varun replied that the first tweet was posted not by him but his social media manager named Harshita!

This all the more proves that MTV Splitsvilla is nothing but rigged!

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