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It is referred to in Dickens' works as a well to do area of London. James's Palace; but it is not pretended that it is." ( The Borough (Map: F-10) - Area south of London bridge in Southwark.

It was at the White Hart Inn, in the Borough, that Samuel Pickwick meets Sam Weller and Samuel Pickwick and Wardle catch up with Alfred Jingle and Rachael Wardle after their mad dash to be married ( British Museum (Map: B-5) - The collection was originally housed at Montagu House, Bloomsbury and opened in 1759 although public access was limited.

Hugh broke open the tollhouses there during the Gordon Riots ( Bleeding Heart Yard - A cobbled courtyard off Greville Street in the Farringdon area of the City of London.

The courtyard is probably named after a 16th-century inn sign dating back to the Reformation that was displayed on a pub called the Bleeding Heart in nearby Charles Street.

The Black Friars were Dominican monks who set up a priory in the area in 1221.

The name distinguished them from the adjacent priory of Carmelite monks, the White Friars, at Bridewell.

high-resolution version of the Dickens' London map , suitable for printing poster-size, available to download. 1879 Dictionary - Description of that location taken from the 1879 Dickens's Dictionary of London by Charles Dickens Jr.

Jarndyce and Jarndyce was heard here, Krook's Rag and Bone Shop, where Miss Flite and Nemo/Captain Hawdon have rooms, and the residences of the Jellybys and the Snagsbys were in the vicinity of Chancery Lane ( Charing Cross (Map: E-5) - District of London named for the last of the stone crosses erected by Edward I in 1291 to mark the stops of Queen Eleanor's funeral procession from Nottinghamshire to Westminster Abbey. The Pickwickians begin their travels at the Golden Cross Hotel here ( Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese (Map: C-8) - This charming little pub was frequented by Dickens.The sign showed the heart of the Virgin Mary pierced by five swords.The Plornish family lives here and the factory owned by Daniel Doyce and Arthur Clennam was here ( Bond Street (Map: D-3) - Area of Fashionable shops in Northwest London. Grewgious is considering renting for Rosa Bud, says "It is not Bond Street nor yet St.It will continue to be updated and additional information is solicited.All additional information will be confirmed and added as it is received.

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