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In an interesting twist, technology is used to provide obstacles for an already committed couple.For example, a deranged priest uses surveillance equipment to monitor Mandy Moore and John Krasinski’s relationship as part of a three-week program designed by the priest to determine if they are, in fact, ready to get married.In the course of the conversation, the idea of a computerized datefinding service evolved. Lauren Brumfield and Eun Jung Kim have been doing a fine job blogging their research thus far, and I am really enjoying their findings.The idea excited Tarr, and with the help of Morrill, he went out to see what might be done about it. Lauren even kicked off her research with a shout out to Meg Ryan in the 1998 film Which got me thinking during class last night, is there a top ten list of films with an online dating theme? So, here they are copied directly from this post on Yahoo! Year in, year out, the big screen is never short of a new romcom or two.But away from the obvious romantic titles, the movies are full of other standout dating moments that make us laugh and cry for a multitude of reasons.Except this time, it’s centered around an technological innovation that hasn’t even been invented yet. This Means War (2012) This movie takes love triangles to a whole new level.The movie poses intriguing questions: Would you really want to take the guesswork out of love? Technology doesn’t inspire love among this rom-com trio.

And nowhere is that shift more evident than in our romantic relationships. Texting, email, online dating sites, long-distance relationships held together with little more than Skype calls and new forms of etiquette developed from social media have all added variety to our culture’s love stories.

A believer in the power of a swipe to the right, Harris has mastered the art of a successful first date that never traps him into a second one.

But that all changes when he matches and meets up with Riley ( alum Lili Simmons).

Also, you just have to watch the creepy robot babies scene. Wall-E (2008) It doesn’t matter that the stars of this movie aren’t ridiculously attractive human celebrities. It’s the epic love story between two pieces of technology.

It’s boy-robot meets girl-robot, and it’s wonderful. Ti MER (2009) And we’re back to a story of two pretty humans falling in love.

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Read on and relive your favorite moments from this list of rom-com films that feature technology. Desk Set (1957) A Katherine Hepburn/Spencer Tracy classic, the movie features the head of a TV network research department and a recently hired efficiency expert who fall in love while grappling with clashing interests: the desire to modernize and techno-phobia. Their ideal woman came to life, taught them how to be dateable and took what was initially a creepy use of technology and turned it into a victory for misfit nerds everywhere. Rivals away from the computer screen, characters Joe and Kathleen (Tom Hanksand Meg Ryan) unknowingly fall in love with each other via an email relationship and humorously deal with a number of common online dating issues. Yeah, it’s kinda like going online to buy a pair of pants except there’s going to be a guy in them.” Recently divorced, Diane Lane’s character gets signed up for an online dating site and after a few disastrous dates including a crier and a guy with a toupee, she finally meets the man of her dreams—a man who does not own but loves dogs anyway. The Holiday (2006) What do you do when your love life has suddenly fallen apart?

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