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In his statements, which aired on the Turkish media and his official Twitter account, Yildrim added that Turkey “would respond if its interests were threatened.” Previously, the Turkish Prime Minister gave a statement during a press conference saying that his country “discusses imposition of economic, political and military sanctions in retaliation for Kurdistan’s referendum.” Earlier on Monday, Turkish Customs Minister Bulent Tufenkci denied blocking Habur border gate with northern Iraq, says it “remains open.” Iran’s escalating measures Iran has closed its border with the Kurdish region of Iraq following a request from Baghdad, a statement from its Foreign Ministry has said on Monday.Turkish President Erdogan and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani spoke by phone on Sunday regarding an Iraqi-Kurdish independence referendum and voiced concern that it will cause regional chaos, Erdogan's office said on Sunday.It proposes the assistance of the Council of Europe to help the countries concerned in the protection of this particular culture. Further to its reports on Gypsies in Europe (1993), on Yiddish culture (1996), on the Aromanians (1997), on endangered Uralic minority cultures (1998) and on the Csng minority culture in Romania (2001), the Assembly wishes to draw attention to the cultural situation of the Kurds. The Parliamentary Assembly dealt with other issues related to the Kurds in its reports on the honouring of obligations and commitments by Turkey (Doc. 10111 of 2004); and on the humanitarian situation of the displaced Kurdish population in Turkey (Doc. The question of precisely where the Kurds come from remains an enigma.The Assembly encourages Turkey, as a Council of Europe member state, but also Iran, Iraq and Syria to acknowledge that the Kurdish language and culture are part of the heritage of their own country, that they are a richness that is worth being preserved and not a threat to be combated and asks them to take the necessary measures. For the purpose of this resolution, the Kurds are an ethnic group whose mother tongue is Kurdish.Two private regional television channels and a radio station started brief Kurdish-language broadcasts for the first time on 23 March 2006. Some Kurds have been associated with so-called “honour killings” but this barbaric practice does not concern Kurds alone.

They should also be aware that a country where “honour killings” is still accepted by some as a part of their “traditions” is a country which has no place in the Europe of human rights. More than one million Kurds live in Western Europe and there are Kurdish cultural institutions in most European countries where a significant Kurdish population is settled.

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki calls on the Iraqi government for a comprehensive boycott on Kurdistan’s referendum supporters.

Iraqi soldiers will take part in Turkish military maneuvers over the Iraqi Kurdistan border; the Turkish media quoted Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım on Monday.

They come primarily from the Zagros-Taurus mountain systems, the mountainous areas where Turkey, Iran and Iraq meet. The number of Kurds is not known as none of the countries where they mainly live (namely Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey) include ethnicity in their population census.

Estimates range from 25 to 30 million, making them one of the largest “stateless nations”. Kurds are speakers of Kurdish, a member of the north-western subdivision of the Iranian branch of the Indo-European family of languages.

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"The two leaders noted that not cancelling the referendum will bring with it chaos in the region and they stressed the great importance which they attach to Iraq's territorial integrity," the statement said according to Reuters.

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