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However, what actually happens on the female side of things?

Has the state of emancipation here not matured enough that the ‘new alpha-female’ has enough self-confidence to approach men?

It has little to do with war and sexual harassment; instead the curriculum is based around self-awareness, openness and respect.

The crucial point here is not that masculinity should be in accordance with the representation of feminism. They invest a lot of patience and often also plenty of money in order to be open and affectionate when approaching the opposite sex.

Thus the emancipated woman remains passive and receives little attention from men that she’s interested in, apart from those who have drunk enough to have the courage to approach women despite all the feminist accusations.Apparently not, since out of the scores of confident and successful women who I know none dare approach men.The female side of things is still ruled by old fashioned ideals – the initiative to flirt must come from the man.It sounds like there is little approach from the female side.Yet well – that’s the way it has always been and it’s worked well so far.

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