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But everyone learns from mistakes—even when they seem to be made intentionally. This word is often misapplied to women who are actively searching for Mr. But desperation really means to be in a state of despair.

According to Merriam-Webster, desperation is “a state of hopelessness leading to rashness.” Deciding to enter into a committed relationship with a man who has commitment issues definitely qualifies as rash.

But if you need to go to couple’s therapy within the first month of dating, that’s a huge red flag.

The first forty days of dating should be fun, exploratory, and discerning.

Do they need to know and share in your every bad mood? Dating is not an excuse to neglect kindness or hang all our inner commentary out to dry.

Forcing yourself to slow down and actually date one another in the first month of your relationship will relieve pressure and allow the relationship to grow naturally while still in its incubation period.

We all know that relationships are hard and couples therapy is a positive and beneficial step for couples who have committed to one another.

Most love-struck couples overdose on togetherness the first month of dating, treating the relationship like a honeymoon rather than a date.

But, especially in the case of those who tend to fall in love quickly or can’t commit (cough, Jessica, cough, cough Timothy), taking it slow is definitely what the doctor orders.

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  1. And also having the courage to make that decision, is that what you mean by that, or did you mean something a bit different? Robert Glover] Well, all of the above really, because what I realized is that the most successful people in life at any endeavor were good enders.