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We are working to better support the growing need from charter schools, though short-term leases can present challenges to participation in this grant program.

Before beginning your application, contact Youth Initiatives Program Coordinator Erika Meyer at [email protected] 303-226-4512. Download the application and review the entire document before you start filling it out, paying particular attention to eligibility criteria so you are sure your project meets all requirements.

Newsletters are released when new applications are posted.

Ah, schoolyard love; the nervousness you feel in your stomach as you watch him swing towards you across the monkey bars; the butterflies that appear in your stomach as you wait behind her for your turn to go down the slide.

The berm also introduces different hydrology into the site.The goal was to create an outdoor classroom pavilion and support spaces for a teaching and community garden serving the students at Arthur Ashe School and the surrounding neighborhood.The Edible Schoolyard Garden Pavilion and Greenhouse is located on a linear site between Arthur Ashe Charter School and Oak Park.A gradient of blues and greens was selected to complement the surrounding sky and vegetation, and as a nod to the Arthur Ashe’s school colors.The louvers create shadow play that contrasts and complements the organic shapes of the surrounding vegetation.

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We strongly recommend contacting GOCO staff before beginning work on your application to ensure that your project will compete well.

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